Analysis of case study

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Analysis of case study

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The purpose of this case study analysis is to scrutinize and evaluate the financial records of Toothsome LTD Company between fiscal periods 2015 & 2014. The analysis would showcase whether the decision to change the line of operation and expansion of his business was a viable idea to uplift the profits of the enterprise. Toothsome LTD is a private company that has specialized in design and production of dental implants. On the contrary, the initial business was manufacturing of dental implants and supply of other dental equipment to the dentist within the local market of Swansea and South Wales. Dai Jones`s idea of shrinking down the business to a single company came as a result of poor performance of the enterprise. Dai following the advice given by his accountant decided to spread the risk by operating in a single line of production. The essay will answer the following questions; did Dai manage to run the Company since he had the interest in fine arts but did not meet the qualifications? Did Toothsome LTD clinch the financial targets? The questions would be answered in depth as we progress with the evaluation of the business health.
Toothsome LTD Company should maintain proper bookkeeping records and monitor the performance of the enterprise using various financial assessment tools. Toothsome management could decide to evaluate its financial accounts monthly or yearly de…

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