Analog Vs Digital

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Analog Vs Digital

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Analog Vs. Digital

Analog Vs. Digital
An analog signal is a form of a wave that is continuously variable depending on amplitude or frequency and is represented using the sine wave, see REF _Ref531583946 h * MERGEFORMAT Figure 1. The signal’s amplitude is represented by the upper and minor ends of the wave, whereas the frequency is determined its distance from left to right (Baher, 2001).

Figure SEQ Figure * ARABIC 1 Analog Signal and Digital Signal
A digital signal is depicted using binary (0s and 1s), which means it does not have any fractional values, see REF _Ref531583946 h * MERGEFORMAT Figure 1. Digital signals maintain a symmetrical arrangement, making them constant and consistent signals (Antoniou, 2016). Digital signals are more reliable than analog signals which encourage their adoption and replacement of several analog devices and application.
The two signals differ in their representation, description, range, and level of distortion.
Basis Analog Signal Digital Signal
Basic Continuous wave that varies over time Discrete wave that takes on a binary form
Representation Sine wave Square wave
Description Described by their amplitude, frequency, and phase Described by bit rate and bit interval
Range No fixed range A finite range between 0 and 1
Distortion Prone to distortion Less prone to distortion
The examples of the devices that use analog and digital signal are the analog and digital clock. Both devic…

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