An interview with a scientist

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An interview with a scientist

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Effect of CO2 on the Environment
Greenhouse gases are responsible for the much rise in temperatures on the earth surface that results in global warming. Of the main greenhouse gases; today let’s take a closer look at carbon dioxide. Our scientist will enable us to understand it better;
Interviewer/Name: What are the sources of carbon dioxide?
Scientist: The major sources of carbon dioxide are the combustion of fossil fuels, often from industries, car emissions among other sources, clearing of forest vegetation, volcanic eruptions, the respiration by organisms. The increased industrialization has hence lead to increased carbon dioxide emissions while the forest degradation enables the already high levels to thrive.

CO2 Emissions
Name: Can CO2 be minimized in the atmosphere?
Scientist: carbon dioxide can be reduced through some sinks in the environment which helps in keeping the atmosphere balanced and in check. The CO2 sinks entail the use of some biological, chemical or biological processes (Rafferty, John, and Melissa, 2) such as photosynthesis and the absorption by the marine organism to build skeletons. However, the increased degradation and pollution has affected the effective regulation of the CO2 levels.
Name: What impact does it have on the environment as well as the climate?
Scientist: The greenhouse effect caused by carbon dioxide traps heat on the earth surface, which results in much higher temperatures than usual. T…

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