An Aspect of Biology

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An Aspect of Biology

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Article Reviews- An Aspect of Biology
A congenital heart problem can be environmentally related, and association of the defect with increased temperature has obtained little attention. The problem is among the most common birth hazards, but it is so slightly such that the effects do not appear for an extended period until adulthood stage. When cardiovascular malformations occur, the heart begins to bend, folding into a loop, and it is at that time structural defects happen. The heart is a muscle which pumps blood to entire parts of a body, through hollow chambers with openings. Such function would not take place if the blood vessels malfunction. Prenatal environmental risks and genetic factors are the primary cause of congenital heart diseases to babies. Examples of biological hazards include viral infections, medication, alcohol, smoking and active drugs such as cocaine. On the other hand, genetic factors include heredity, mutations or down syndrome. Heart problems can be detected before birth using sonography, fetal echocardiography.
Keywords: Congenital, heart, blood, infant, mother, temperature, health, risks
Konkel, L. (2017). HOT DAYS IN EARLY PREGNANCY. Environmental Health Perspectives, 125(1): p. A25
The article, Hot days in early pregnancy, was written by Lindsey Konkel in the year 2017. She is a New Jersey journalist who gives reports on science, health and environment issues. The authors reported that; exposure to …

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