Americans economic idependence and democaryic self revised

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Americans economic idependence and democaryic self revised

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Americans Economic Independence and Democratic Self-Government During the Late 19th Century
Due to imperialism, the United States citizens were not able to benefit from the resources of their country because of the monopolization of the external trade of the subordinate nation. However, the imperial powers took away the raw materials from the land whereby they processed them and brought them back as finished products hence affecting the development of any manufacturing company in the states. Due to the influence of the imperialist powers, the American people were not satisfied with the colonialists because they feel that they were denied independence of their economy and democracy of their government during the late nineteenth century.
The economic status was declining during the 1890s, and this made numerous farmers to join the populist movement with the aim of fighting for their government and economic progress (Forner 679). In the 1890s, the southern part was characterized by rampant racism in which the black people were perceived to be in the second-class citizenship. Immigrants viewed the American land as a home for refugees seeking great freedom, and therefore discrimination was not allowed in the country.
There were broader battles in the country whereby people were struggling to fight for their freedom. In fact, in 1899 an anti-imperialist league was formed with the primary aim of campaigning against the annexa…

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