American Red Cross ‘interview’ 2-PARTS!

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American Red Cross ‘interview’ 2-PARTS!

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Agency Visit Part II
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The American Red Cross has a mission “to prevent and alleviate human suffering, saving them from disasters and emergencies by physically mobilizing the power of volunteers who respond immediately and the generosity of donors” (American Red Cross, 2015). Its mission is always to be there in times of need, possible with the help of its strong network of volunteers found in all regions, donors who give heartily and partners.” We try to transform empathy without hesitation so that; all individuals influenced by fiasco the nationwide and around the globe get care, haven and trust; our groups are prepared and ready for catastrophes; everybody in our nation has admittance to protected, lifesaving blood and blood items; all members of the army and their families discover bolster and solace at whatever point required; and in a crisis, there are constantly prepared people adjacent, made to utilize their Red Cross attitudes to spare lives.The fundamental principles of the Red Cross include humanity assisting without discrimination those wounded in the battlefield ensuring respect and dignity for human life; impartiality making no national, racial, religious, class or political opinions their guide being the needs of the distress prioritizing the most urgent. Neutrality, to gain confidence of all the parties; independence, autonomy is required in order for the members to be able to act according to the…

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