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An Annotated Outline on a Paper on Psychological Disorders
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The object of this assignment is to submit an annotated outline for a topic on psychological disorders. This annotated outline has been arranged to encompass every section that has been forethought in the paper. The annotated outline shall provide an introduction, literature of current literature on psychological disorders, analysis of psychological disorders, discussions, and conclusion. Each section detailed below have information that will be contained in the paper, for which this outline has been prepared.
The introduction introduces the reader to the information that shall be discussed through the paper. Statistics and the controversial definitions of the concept of psychological disorder shall be discussed at length. In some other quarters, psychological disorders have been confused with mental disorders. This section shall use two articles, first by Melville, Casey and Kavanagh (2010), and second by Templin and Henson (2006) and then set the record straight on the exact meaning and/or differences between mental disorders and psychological disorders. Stein et al. (2010) set off the discussion through a question determining the exact mean of mental or psychological or psychiatric disorders.
This subsection shall provide critical background that has lead to the present paper. Statistical reports of psychological disorder, and …

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