america is extremely wasteful

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america is extremely wasteful

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19 November 2015
America is Extremely Wasteful
The motto “Out with the old, in with the new” has been recycled again and again through generations (Mahenc 22). The motto is often a justification for the various changes infiltrating the society and American lives today. Unfortunately, the rate at which the motto is recycled does not reflect on the speed at which used items are recycled (Mahenc 22). With loads of goods deemed to be broken and useless, America is understandably considered the most wasteful country in the world today. The high rate of wastage in the country has earned the American Society the name “throw-away society.” Following statistics from 2006, America alone produces about 4.7 pounds of garbage on a daily basis (Mahenc 25). This wastage ranges from dumped food to materials that are apparently too worn out to be repaired to items that are trashed for newer, more efficiently innovated ones. This paper takes a broad look at the various sectors of the American economy and the nature of their wastefulness.
This wasteful nature all began after the Second World War when America was in serious need to spur its economy (Mahenc 26). Companies saw it wise to begin a process of as “mass production.” This process refers to the act of producing goods on a large scale to minimize the costs and maximize the outputs. All of these products were engineered to last a short time to give people the motivation to acqui…

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