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Circle the BEST answer.
1. An example of a quantitative variable is the horsepower of a car.

2. An example of a qualitative variable is the make of a car.
-171450153670 True
00 True
3. In an observational study, the variable of interest is called a response variable.True     False
609600256539False aaFalse
00False aaFalse4. In an experimental study, the aim is to manipulate or set the value of the response variable.True     False
5. Which of the following is NOT a qualitative variable?A. The make of a TVB. A person’s genderC. Mileage of a carD. Whether a person is a college graduate
209550211455 E
00 E
E.  Whether a person has a charge account
left1676400 EEEE
6. Which of the following is not a categorical variable? A. Air TemperatureB. Bank Account BalanceC. Daily Sales in a StoreD. Whether a Person Has a Traffic Violation Answers A, B, and C
7. A study is being conducted on the effect of gas price on the number of miles driven in a given month. Residents in two cities, one on the east coast and one on the west coast are randomly selected and asked to complete a questionnaire on the type of car they drive, the number of miles they live from work, the number of children under 18 in their household, their monthly income and the number of miles they have …

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