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Winning of the war
The main strategy which the Allies used to defeat Germany in the First World War was delaying. The delay was long enough until the United States joined the war. The strategy applied to win the war against the central powers was outlasting, whereby the Allies kept the central powers at war for long enough for the entry by the US. During the period before the US intervened, both sides were spending their money and resources on the war. This included spending extensively in terms of resources and manpower. When the United States intervened the people on both sides were exhausted and the two sides had already spent a lot on armor and other requirements during the war.
The economy of the Germans was already declining as they lost too many soldiers on the battlefield. The remaining soldiers were weary from the stalled war with the Allies. Even though the Germans had been able to hold their stand comfortably, that stand had been firm due to the almost equal fire and manpower from the two sides (Kennedy, 34). The United States came with fresh manpower and other needed resources. The entrance of the fresh soldiers from the United States created an unfair advantage against the Germans. Unlike the tired Allied soldiers whom the Germans had been able to keep at bay, the new soldiers had new power which challenged the exhausted central powers. The artillery which the US soldiers came with also gave the Allies mor…

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