all-hazard emergency plan

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all-hazard emergency plan

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Hazards Management Plan
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Bureau international du Travail. (1991). Prevention of major industrial accidents: An ILO contribution to the International Programme on Chemical Safety of UNEP, the ILO and the WHO (IPCS).
The book specifies that the responsibility of preparing an emergency plan lies with the local authority. That is in the events of industrial accidents which in most cases are unnatural. There must be a liaison between the organization team for preparing the plan with the local authority to provide the necessary information to assist in the task. The works management in the company should provide technical advice to the outside organization making the plan.
Greiving, S., Ubaura, M., & Tešliar, J. (2018). Spatial planning and resilience following disasters: International and comparative perspectives
The book starts by giving examples of an earthquake in different parts of the world. The two discussed cases include the Kobe earthquake of 1995 and 2011 earthquake in Geje. The book also goes ahead to identify the role of disaster management plan. The plan is prepared to guide the efforts of disaster management. The preparation procedure is carried out through three different phases that are listed below:
Mitigation and preparation;
Reconstruction and recovery.
In Collins, A. E., In Jayawickrama, J., In Jones, S., & In Manyena, B. (2014). Hazards, risks and, disasters in society.
Hazards, Risks, and Disasters …

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