Alkaline water, fact or myth

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Alkaline water, fact or myth

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The growth of the internet and increase in the number of literate people has seen a widespread change in the marketing tactics employed by companies. Social media, for example, has become one of the most used platforms by marketing agents in an attempt to boost their sales. The use of grapevines in social media is largely supported by the high number of people who rely on the platforms to get updates on what is trending in the world. Some of these grapevines may provide useful information, but most of them support unconfirmed myths that are often misconceived as truths. Marketing agents also have developed a trend of highlighting the advantages of the product, which in most cases are exaggerated and hiding the disadvantages which the consumer gets to discover on their own. In this savvy technology era, people need to do adequate research on the products they are purchasing, especially ones that are being marketed by celebrities.
Water has very many varying uses in the human body. A normal human body is mostly made of water (Mercola). It is used in very many, if not all, of our body functions. It is the single most important resource that we take (Berardi). The ph. scale of natural water should be 7.0 which make it neutral with no acidic or alkaline properties. Alkaline water on the other hand has increased the hydroxyl ions which increase its alkalinity. The argument between the benefits of c…

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