Alexander the Great

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Alexander the Great

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Alexander the Great
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Bucephalus is the horse that Alexander the Great rode for a large number of miles and through numerous fights to make his compelling realm. The legend starts with Philoneicus, a Thessalian bringing a wild horse to Philip the second, the father of Alexander the Great. Philip was angry at Phononics for conveying such an unreliable horse to him yet Alexander had viewed Bucephalus and set his dad, Philip, for a challenge. Despite the fact that Alexander was just 12 years of age he had seen that Bucephalus was shying far from his own particular shadow. Alexander tenderly drove Bucephalus into the sun, so his shadow was behind him. In the long run, Bucephalus permitted Alexander to ride him, much to a general public embarrassment of Philip. Alexander named the horse Bucephalus because the horse’s head appeared as wide as bulls. Bucephalus, the strong horse, passed on due to the battle wounds in 326B.C in Alexander’s final fight. Alexander established the city of Bucephala, presently the town of Jhelum, Pakistan, in loving memory of his awesome horse. Like his saint and predecessor Achillis, Alexander saw his horse as known not all others for they are eternal. Poseiden offered them to the dad Peleus, who in his turn offered them to him (Plutarch, 1919 pg239).
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