Alcoholism persuasive essay

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Alcoholism persuasive essay

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Among the addictions that many people continue to struggle with is Alcoholism. Many families have been torn apart due to one of the members being deep into alcoholism. Many have lost their jobs, marriages, and even the worst cases died due to alcoholism. Addiction to alcoholism starts from the very moment an individual has a little more to drink than usual. The result is being hooked up in alcohol. With a substantial number of individuals labeled as alcoholics, one may argue that alcoholism is a disease rather than a choice one makes. As much as various institutions have termed alcoholism as a disease, it all comes down to the choices people make in drinking alcohol.
Alcoholism has some characteristics that enable one to judge it as being a disease. Once a person starts to drink alcohol, there is some mental obsession of wanting more. This obsession becomes worse when people start developing complications as a result of over-consuming alcohol (Buddy, 2018). Just like any other disease, recovery from alcoholism involves treatment in stages and relapse. The prevention of relapse is made possible by continuous care of the individual concerned (McKay & Hiller-Sturmhofel, 2011). Given that alcoholism is sometimes treated as a disease, the choices one makes can lead to addiction.
Taking the first sip of beer or whiskey is all a person’s choice. Nobody is forced to drink alcohol. Consuming alcohol is not bad,…

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