alcohol fermentation

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alcohol fermentation

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Alcohol fermentation
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Fermentation converts glucose into pyruvic acid and ethanol. The ethanol is the alcohol part in the process. Fermentation as a type of reaction occurring inside cells is anaerobic in nature, yeast are used during the fermentation process as well as other bacteria like halophilic microbes of class Streptococcus. Biotechnology have evolved through centuries, with yeast being the first to be used in the process of making beer. Biotechnology scientist like Pasteur, Koch, and Buchner are accredited for the evolution of theories of fermentation on various products (Klaus & John, 2013). The research contributions by theses scientist formed the basis for making citric acids, penicillin, and explosives that were used in the Second World War. There are two major types of fermentation that is alcoholic and lactic; in alcohol fermentation ethanol and carbon (IV) oxide is produced. In lactic fermentation, sugar molecules are converted into lactic acid without the release of carbon (IV) oxide. Beer, bread, and wines are some of the products from the process of fermentation. The paper will discuss alcohol fermentation as the basis of its emphasis since fermentation is applied mostly in the production of the alcoholic product.
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