Alcohol Abuse

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Alcohol Abuse

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Alcohol Abuse
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The number of alcoholics and health complications developing as a result alcohol abuse have risen over the years especially among the young adults in America. Cheng, Kaakarli, Breslau, and Anthony in their journal evaluate the data collected over a period of ten years and provide a detailed report indicating a positive change in alcohol use and alcohol use disorders in the country with a decade. They consider nationally recognized statistical data and report group in two phases, that is, 2001-2002 and 2012-2013. They assess the reasons behind the rising cases of alcohol use and alcohol-related disorders with the decrease in moral standards and poor implementation of laws limiting illegal alcohol consumption in the country. Their research reveals a relationship between the rise in alcohol use and alcohol use disorder. Moreover, they explain the rising trend of both alcohol use and alcohol addiction problem among young adults and the old in the United States. Their research is well organized providing the approved references and sources of data when validating their arguments.
Keywords: alcohol, disorders, moral, addiction

Alcohol Abuse
In their research, Cheng, Kaakarli, Breslau, and Anthony (2018) report a rising trend in the use of alcohol and case of alcohol use disorders in the United States based on the surveys collected by other researchers between 2001 and 2014.
According to the previous surveys collected b…

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