Age discrimination

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Age discrimination

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Age Diversity in Employment
Various positive and negative changes usually occur in employment relationships as the population ages among increased work efficiency and output, but the vice versa is also true. Older employees are usually knowledgeable and possess higher experience in their areas of expertise.
As the population ages, there is a higher probability of loss of experience and potential as new unskilled workers will be recruited again. In case a company needs to change or fire the older employees then they should be given a chance to mentor and train the new generations. The productivity of companies and small business may go down as a result of an aging population. The work efficiency of the employees tends to decrease with age and once the younger generations come into play higher productivity will be achieved. Trying to discriminate an employee due to aging is against the federal law among most of the states (Kunze et al. 2013). Employees may seek legal redress against the company they are offering their services, and these will lead to loss of cash and time that would have otherwise be used for the betterment of the company. Workers may seek employment in other areas when they suspect that employee turnover is about to take place considering that their age has increased beyond the normal productive age (Dikkers et al. 2013).
The management of people of different ages is much complicated as compared to managin…

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