Affordable Care Act of 2010

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Affordable Care Act of 2010

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The Impact of the Affordable Health Care Act 2010 on Healthcare Organization and Finance
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The enactment of the United States Affordable Act of 2010 came as a blessing to the many American citizens who for a long time have been facing the challenge of high-cost health care. The Act was made into law with the aim of making health care affordable through factors such as health insurance and reduced cost of drugs among others. However, while the Act is a blessing to many, it came at the expense of healthcare organizations. Healthcare organizations have been impacted negatively by the Affordable Care Act 2010 specifically on their finances. The Act was also able to incorporate social health determinants into policy.
Based on the level of preparation and programs required to make the Act fully take effect, it will take some time for universal coverage. It is estimated that by 2016, close to 30 million Americans did not have any coverage. The Affordable Care Act, therefore, has impacted negatively on health organizations which rely on a health insurance policy for financing. Affordable Care Act also jeopardizes the quality of healthcare currently offered by the health organizations. Many healthcare organizations and states, in a bid to reduce the effect of the Act on their finances, have opted not to expand Medicaid eligibility (Sommers, Kenney & Epstein, 2014). The effects of this have been millions of uninsured people mostl…

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