advertisement that exemplifies popular culture

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advertisement that exemplifies popular culture

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Advertisement That Exemplifies Popular Culture

The reason why I have chosen the above advertisement is that it connects two important popular cultures in the contemporary United State society (Hartley 7). For instance, from the above advertisement, it is evident that Pop culture is connected with Christianity (Mattingly 1). For example, things like Star Wars, Harry Potter and the Christianity faith has little things in common (Storey 3). However, the artist of this ad is trying to connect these two different cultures. The artist opens the door between these two divergent worlds of religion and entertainment (Hartley 61). Looking at this ad keenly, it is clear that the lines connecting the pop culture and religious culture are blurring (Hall 486). This simply indicates that the two sides of culture are not different as most people think. Therefore, this ad exemplifies popular culture as it advances from pop to religion; pop goes religion.
On another hand, various entertainment strategies have been exploited in this ad. The first entertainment strategy that is evident from this ad is an engagement strategy (Fiske 15). For example, when one looks at this ad, they are forced to engage their mind in understanding the objective artist had while designing the ad (Burke 7). Thus, through this strategy, the author catches the interest of the targeted audience. The second entertainment strategy that this artist has deployed is the use of different…

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