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School exchange programs are always good opportunities to learn and get a new perspective of another institution, its culture, and way of doing things. Foreign exchange programs go the extra mile by involving international travel associated with studying in a foreign country and getting the chance with experiencing a different culture and history. Foreign exchange can be difficult because of culture shock which can be overwhelming. This case represents a foreign exchange program that involved learning in a different country. I got the chance to visit the Republic of China and spend a few months as an exchange student there. Before going leaving for China the idea of visiting a foreign nation and spending some time there was very appealing, but once there, everything changed, and it became distressing because of culture shock. Everything was different especially coming to terms with the unfamiliar culture and the need to follow a different set of attitudes. The most disorienting was being a foreigner in this nation which also involved being different from the rest of the society. I was very conspicuous because I was from a different nation and the attention gave me a lot of anxiety. There was a great dilemma between trying to adapt to the new life and the difficulties associated with being a foreigner.
Being in a different country with a different way of life was more challenging than expected. I had taken a lot of time to learn about the…

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