Advanced Practice Roles in Nursing

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Advanced Practice Roles in Nursing

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Advanced Nursing Practice
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Advanced Nursing Practice
Background on Advanced Nursing Practice
Advanced Nursing Practice is a specialized area, which has the potential to create radical impacts, in the field of healthcare. The healthcare needs are changing all across the globe and nurses should be competent to provide quality care. The specialty voices for more power and delegation to nurses in the process of pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions. Although the domain of Advanced Nursing Practice is safe, cost-effective and ensures quality of care, there are various practice barriers. This is because various medical organizations and evidenced based clinical forums, limit Advanced Nursing Practice, based on safety considerations for patients. It is a rule, rather than exception, that consulting physicians have to depend on these professionals for rendering pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions (Ulrich, 2010).
However, when it comes to policy changes, this domain of practice is undermined. Various nursing bodies are in the pursuit of voicing for policy changes; however, appropriate recognition is still far away from reality. The future holds the potential for advanced nursing practice. Hence, the graduate nurses should be prepared to meet such challenges in the near future. There are various roles of nurses in the domain of advanced nursing practice. These include clinical nu…

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