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EKG Assignment
 Provide a short answer in the box below for each question.
You are the ACNP in the ER. A 55-year-old Caucasian male with a past medical history of HTN, thyroid cancer, and diverticulitis presents with crushing chest pain. His chest pain developed 1hour ago after eating a large steak and potato dinner. He states the pain is 10 out of 10 and is not relieved by antacids. He also is diaphoretic and anxious. You review his 12 lead EKG, as per below.
Where is the location of the patient’s infarction? What coronary artery is the likely cause?

Answer: Posterior wall, true posterior wall myocardial infarction (Thygesen et al, 2012)
A 67-year-old female is your established cardiology patient. She is following up with you regarding her uncomplicated mitral valve stenosis. During the visit, she happens to mention that she has suffered 9hours of chest pain and sweating, which takes you by surprise. Your patient further describes the pain as both gnawing and intermittent. She thought she was experiencing heartburn, but admits that she has never experienced heartburn before, so she is not sure. You perform a 12-lead EKG immediately and call 911.
Where is the location of the MI? What significant EKG findings support that diagnosis?
Answer: Anterior MI, taller than normal R-waves in leads V3 and V4 along with the characteristic ST-segment elevation.

Interpret the EKG recording below. What is the finding, including location? Is this acute or chronic? Explain.

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