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Admission Request

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Admission Request
I hereby express my interest to be admitted at this precious university to pursue a major in Technological Systems Management. Based on my professional and personal goals, I believe that this major is the best fit for me and pursuing it at this university will grant me the opportunity to achieve my personal ambitions. Personally, I have an immense interest in technology. My interest in technology is informed by my family background. My father is a computer systems manager. Watching do his job and succeed always thrilled me and got me thinking that a career in the field of technology is fulfilling. Knowing that I would want to pursue a career in the field of technology, I focused my high school subject choices on science and worked hard to score good grades in those subjects. I have actively participated in science programs and exhibitions. I have also successfully completed Applied Statistics and Mathematics, a fundamental requirement for admission.
After graduating with a bachelor’s in science degree with a major in Technological Systems Management, I plan to pursue a career in quality control. From research, I found out that this career requires competency in technological application and implementation as well as knowledge in project management. Since the Technological Systems Management major prepares students for careers in all professions that depend on technological applications and in which project management knowled…

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