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Admission Letter

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Admission Letter
I was a doctoral student at the University of Ajman majoring in media and communication where I managed a GPA of 3.83, only to drop out of the university due to financial constraints. I have planned to continue with my doctorate and major in Media and Culture.
In my exploration of graduate programs where I can work on my research, I have identified the one offered at The University of Sheffield as the best.
My research will most likely focus on identity and culture in relation to television in Jordan where I will seek to identify the role of television in developing identity and culture among the residents of Jordan.
Through the ten years I have been in the field as a journalist, my academic background, and my experience as a lecturer, I have gained the required technical and theoretical expertise to be a competent researcher. The low literacy levels within the area together with its political and social issues are some of the items that necessitate the research (UNICEF, n.p). Further, only a few studies have been carried out in this area and, therefore, this research will provide both critical and vital information that will help in tackling these issues.
I also want to give back to my community by investing in our children’s future on top of demonstrating our commitment to education.
The experience, skills, and plans highlighted above undoubtedly place me in the best position to receive the award…

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