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Admission Essay-Medicine

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Why I want to become a nurse in palliative care
While volunteering at a local hospice, I suddenly felt the urge to work in palliative care contrary to the initial perception that it was a depressing and sad experience. The desire emanated from the increasing prevalence of terminal illnesses among patients and the realization that palliative care involves working with patients that know that they cannot recover from their illnesses. When I finally become a nurse, I will be pleased to help in relieving the pain experienced by patients and their families thus preventing them from having a lonely death experience. This is essential considering the fact the palliative unit has to intensify comfort measures to meet the more aggressive palliative care required by patients. Thus, my roles as a palliative nurse will include assessing and treating physical, spiritual, and psychosocial symptoms exhibited by patients with terminal illnesses.
It is clear that the innate desire to help and care for needy people especially at instances when they are in most need of such care is the reason why I want to become a nurse in the palliative unit. My previous experience with healthcare professionals that have managed to put a smiling face on dying patients and their families spurred my interest in becoming a nurse. As a person that believes in being challenged as the driving force for identifying opportunities for encouragement and success, I …

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