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Admission Essay 4

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Admission Essay

I humbly submit my application to join your esteemed institution. I strongly believe that nursing is the backbone of the medical field. I am passionate about the provision of compassionate care for the ailing and ensuring that the recovery process is as humane as possible. It is my desire to acquire as much knowledge and skills towards the provision of healthcare to the community. As a holder of an Associate of Arts (AA) Degree in Pre-Nursing from Miami Dade College, I believe that I am on the right track to achieving my goals CITATION Aca17 l 1033 (Academics). I am armed with the necessary skill to pursue several nursing-related courses and am willing to make a career in healthcare provision in the future.

I am disciplined, patient, dedicated, and honest; these are my strong attributes which I believe are important in the career as a healthcare provider. I have been told that I am too strict, I am also a risk-taker, a workaholic, and a perfectionist. These are my weaknesses, and I strive to control them. When I am not working or studying I love making culinary delicacies, reading, gardening, music, and biking. I am a well-rounded person, and I strive to balance my activities to ensure that I get the best from all fields.

I am of the opinion that my willingness to explore and desire to learn coupled with my background makes me the best candidate to join the program. I most probably will work hard to achieve my goals and promote the name and stature of the …

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