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administrative law

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Administrative Steps for Sex-Based Discrimination
An administrative complaint is described as a written complaint to an agency that deals with anti-discrimination. Both state and federal agencies exist, whose core function is to settle employment discrimination and harassment complaints. It is usually vital to file an administrative claim before anything else. In this essay, I’ll talk about steps an employee, who was discriminated by her boss due to her gender, should take to bring suit.
From the extract, it’s clear that Betsy was discriminated directly by the executive director on the grounds of sex. It is essential for her to deal with this matter on time and provide an appropriate response to avoid creating a toxic work environment in the organization (Burstein 37). The steps she will have to go through are:
File, with an agency, a written administrative complaint.
Give the agency time to decide and do the investigation. In case the determination is in favor of Betsy, the agency will offer mediation.
Betsy can file a lawsuit regardless of the decision the agency makes.
Betsy and the executive director can then exchange requests for documents and information. Each party can go ahead and find trustable witnesses.
The fate of the case would then be left in the hands of the judge or jury. In case Betsy is not satisfied with the court’s decision; she still can appeal the decision.
In circumstances that…

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