Address By George Engel

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Address By George Engel

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Address by George Engel, Condemned Haymarket Anarchist (1886)
Engel was unsuccessful in Germany because it was extremely challenging for him to gain economically. This is because he was a craftsman and depended on the labor of his hands. Engel was a craftsman just like many other Americans of the time. However, the introduction of machinery made most of these craftsmen to lose out (Engel 1). Engel was among these craftsmen whose life depended on their profession of craftsmanship. The economy was changing rapidly from the use of hands to machines. Therefore, the future was bleak for Engel and other smaller craftsmen who solely depended on their hard labor.
Things were similar in the United States as well. After arriving in the United States, he became disillusioned because this is the least of what he expected. Engel was highly hopeful that things would change once he set foot in the United States. He thought the country was a land of liberty as most people believed (Engel 1). However, Engel still lived in poverty and misery as most working classes did. The United States was not the free republic which he thought it to be. Engel found out that there were many proletarians who did not enjoy the sweat of their labor. Such people never lived joylessly throughout their lives.
Engel expected that the United States was a land of opportunities and that he would eventually be successful. Just like many people, he believe…

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