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English 101:
Annotated Bibliography
Bates, J. “A STUDY OF INTERPERSONAL SKILLS TRAINING GROUPS WITH JUVENILE CORRECTIONAL OFFICERS.” Doctoral Thesis (2003). University of Georgia. This thesis is about a study done on the interpersonal skills regarding the correctional officers and the inmates in the juvenile correctionals. Bates says that the need for interpersonal relations among the correctional guards and the inmates is necessary for both to thrive. However, in an environment such as the one in correctionals, it is hard to have correct relations that do not end in violent outcomes. This can happen because of the training received by the officers. Officers receive a training based in an environment that maintains a heavy emphasis on coercion, control, and management.
This particular study is important because, despite not referring specifically to writing
skills needed when working in a correctional, it shows us that there is a trend regarding
the usage of tools in order to understand and be able to treat the juvenile inmates fairly.
Evans, P. “Analysing of Supervision Skills of Juvenile Justice Workers.” Criminology Research Grants (2012). Criminology Research Advisory Council.
This study speaks about the importance of supervision in juvenile correctionals.
Knowledge of education, and in training methods are often misused or misguided. In this case, the way to correctly assess and supervise the trainees, and correctional officers is…

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