Ad Campaigns & Culture

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Ad Campaigns & Culture

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Ad Campaigns & Culture
Modern advertising companies have adopted new technologies and styles to promote brands. As a result, global leaders such as Volkswagen, Coca-Cola, Nike and Apple among other have successfully increased their loyal customers (“Ad Age Advertising Century: Top 100 Campaigns” 1). In this study, the focus is on the ways these companies manage to influence our cultural systems to join advertising culture. The advertisers integrate with our cultural systems through indirect advertising and ads that capture social situations.
The campaign adds successfully integrated advertising into our cultural systems by interacting with the community in a way that can be termed as indirect advertising. In this strategy, a company focuses on interacting with people on different platforms such as focus groups, in a way that helps them (Boykiv 5). For example, the Song airways advertisers joined communities in different platform, interacted, and helped them in some ways (Dretzin et al. 0:9). As a result, the advertisers get to know what people want and engage them with it (Lab Brand 2) Also, the people become involved in making the advertising for a TV (Siegel 6). Ideally, this is about what advertising agents or a brand becoming a global leader.
Ads act a social text by capturing the social situations affecting people in a community. Friedman (2) explains how manufacturers take advantage of social events such as Su…

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