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Accounting Resume

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Personal profile:
I am a focused professional in the field of accounting and finance, with over 14 years of progressive experience having worked in different organizations in different departments. I have in-depth knowledge, in general, book keeping and accounting for payable, receivables and payroll administration. I desire to utilize my skills, knowledge and experience in making a positive contribution towards the attainment of organizational goals.
Key competencies:
A fast learner and attentive to details
Good mastery of both English and Spanish
Great analytical and problem-solving skills
Proficiency in key computer applications and accounting software
Commitment to personal and organizational goals
Professional Experience:
Organization: Dvtel Corporation, Ridgefield Park.
Position: Accounts Payable
Period: 2010-Present
Duties and responsibilities:
Posting all overheads and purchase order invoices as well as setting up new vendors and issuing checks
Auditing of employee expense reports covering the US, Canada, UK, Asia and Mexico and subsequently posting them in the system
Conducting a month end vendor reconciliation
Preparation of monthly cost to date reports for the various departments
Reconciliation of accounts payables to the trial balance
Any other responsibilities as assigned by my superiors
Organization:Tru-Val Electric, Hackensack.
Duties and responsibilities:

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