Access to Credible Medical Information 2

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Access to Credible Medical Information 2

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Access to Credible Medical Information
In today’s world, sharing of knowledge is rapid and careful analysis needs to be done to identify credible information. Medical literature has become popular especially in publications. Some clinicians do not have access to new information at the same speed. Clinicians are always in need of information while physicians have an information gap for two of every three patients served.

Meaning of access to Information
Access to information means getting high-quality information. The information should be easy to find, trustworthy and consistent, in a simple language understood by the user, and at the level required by the user. Information access means having the freedom and ability to identify, select and efficiently make use of information.

How to determine Credibility
Credibility is done through the evaluation of websites. The author of a website must be a journalist and has verifiable details. The article must give a publishing date and be up to date. New reports aren’t required to have citations, but a good website must give links for further reading on the subject matter (Bedrick, 2010). An article must also have a publisher who can take responsibility for their content and known to be credible. It is also determined when the information is complete and accurate.

How to share Healthcare Information
Health on the Net foundation was formed to allow the sharing of quality health information for patients and professionals…

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