Abraham Lincoln

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Abraham Lincoln

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Abraham Lincoln
The most notable figure in the fight against slavery and slave trade in the United States is Abraham Lincoln. He incessantly mooted for equal treatment of all people in the whole country and this advocacy was actualized in the end when he was elected president in 1860. The input of Lincoln has elicited a number of editorial reviews especially with respect to his opinions and stance on slavery during enactment of the Kansas Nebraska Act and shortly after during the 1860 elections
The Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854
As a matter of fact, the enactment of the Kansas-Nebraska Act in 1854 rejuvenated Abraham Lincoln’s political career (Beveridge et al., 1928). He immediately rescinded his earlier decision to retire and started engaging in active politics. Lincoln vehemently opposed the Act and the machinations of political figures then to annul the Missouri Compromise line. The rationale for this is that restriction of slavery was the part of the bargain to be fulfilled by the southerners in exchange for the Northerners’ accession to allowing Missouri into the Union as a slave state. Therefore, since such a compromise had been inexplicably withdrawn, it would open new wounds and make the region susceptible to fresh civil strife.
Since Congress had purchased this territory, it had the ultimate authority to decide the status of slavery in this region. Therefore it is not plausible to assert that in both Kansas and Nebraska, only citiz…

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