A voice from the main deck by Samuel Leech

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A voice from the main deck by Samuel Leech

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“A Voice from the Main Deck” by Samuel Leech: Book Report
At a first glance, the book presents itself as one of the most colorful pieces of English naval literature. Leech’s book offers a priceless insight on how both the British Empire and the budding United States waged war after the American Revolution. Samuel Leech fought for both parties during the War of 1812, and his first-hand account of the gruesome fight between the United States and the HMS Macedonian serves as a reminder of the realities of war.
Another key finding in the book is how sailors worked and lived when in the sea. Leech reported having an encounter with sailors who are willing to take advantage of young boys who are willing to learn the trades of the seamen. He says that since most sailors are subject to a stern discipline, they are going to make use of any chance they have to apply their punishments. As a powder monkey, it is likely that Leech was subject to mistreatment by his fellow crewmen, but he considers those events as part of the Navy life.
That way, the book recounts how is life at sea, but not an embellished vision. Instead, Leech’s book is filled with all those nitty-gritty details most people would not like to see. That way, he shows how being a sailor was among the most dangerous professions in the 19th century. War; sickness and death were not alien to the sailors, and although the author was able to es…

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