A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings

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A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings

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A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings
The author of the short story was born on March 1928 in Aracataca, Columbia. He was a screenwriter, a journalist and published books. He used to write stories, although he was a professional writer. Gabriel Marquez published his first short stories (Leaf Storm and other stories) in 1955 which contained the story “A very old man with enormous wings.” Marquez fiction work is rooted in the Columbian culture that was contributed by some Indian tribes and the rural life where people believed in supernatural occurrence. In his story, a lot of supernatural manifestations are recounted. There was a woman who changed into a giant spider with human head and the fallen angel incidence. Magic and realism is exploited across the story, to show the local mythology and natural phenomenon that were upheld and experienced by the society. He blends reality and fantasy using the magical realism technique. The angel is a fantasy, and the storm is a reality, the storm is used to bring the angle close to human beings who got a chance to decide his fate. Once the angel if discovered by Pelayo, instead of wondering about the angel’s origin he calls his wife as if it a regular occurrence. Their neighbor does not see the man as divine and advises on beating the angel.
Various interpretation by characters
Pelayo and Elisenda, are the first characters to see the old man with the wings. They are ast…

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