A Trifling Media

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A Trifling Media

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A Trifling Media
It is necessary to admit the fact that the media plays a critical role in connecting individuals from every part of the world, therefore, making the world a global community (Hiebert et al. 99). Social media entails a channel of interaction amongst individuals in which they exchange, create, and share various contents in virtual networks and communities. Many individuals argue that social media hinders interpersonal relationships and dilutes communications that are intended to establish or create good interpersonal relationships (Hudson et al. 69). In modern society, many people agree that media impacts human beings relationship as well as interaction every day. They argue that social media cuts off face to face interactions and this creates animosity amid friends, relatives, and associates. Online media allows self-disclosure which has become recent common behavior among the media users. Many individuals disclose information including personal details, for instance, habits, relationship status, preferences, interests, and most important names which can result in identity theft. Media users also misinterpret messages, or texts because the texts or messages lack tone making it difficult to know someone’s feelings.
Media platforms such as television, radio, internet, and movies shape individuals’ thinking of the world. Media allows individuals to integrate and associate with people from different parts of the world. One…

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