A review of the book zero day by Mark Russinovich

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A review of the book zero day by Mark Russinovich

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Review of the book: Zero Day by Mark RussinovichExecutive Summary:
If in case you are tasked with the responsibility of ensuring cyber security in a company or a system, this story is of great support. This book is significant in the prevention of cyber crime and is important to both the IT professionals and the others from various fields. It gives detailed information of the various aspects of the Anonymous, the LulzSec, as well as the broad hacker movement. It does so by citing relevant examples of the effects of the activities of activists in various fields. It is, therefore, one of the best books in the world to read when interested in knowing more about cyber terrorism.
Hacktivism involves the introduction of a malware into the computer system of a firm or firm or company for various reasons. When that happens, the hackers get access to confidential information and can be in a position to bring down the whole system or even introduce unwanted information or data into the system. The individuals who participate in that process are referred to as hackers or hacktivists.
The first couple of chapters of the novel focus on the crushing attacks by a new blend of malware that causes pilots and sailors to lose control, makes the various records in the hospitals to fail, and disrupts the robotic-auto-assembly-lines. The malware, in addition, makes the nuclear power plants to run short.
At that point, the protagonist in the no…

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