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A Personal Statement

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Personal Statement
Watching my mother succumb by my side has been a reflective memory that lives in my mind forever. At an early age of five years, my mother passed away as she suffered from chronic asthma. Her death occurred due to the unethical behavior of the administrators who were in her care and the whole healthcare system in Guyana. The unfortunate experience and behavior from the administrators made me realize the flaws in my country’s healthcare system. From that day’s experience, I made a decision to bring in change and hopes to other people as I would never stand and watch them suffer through a similar occurrence.
From my early life, I have had a deep interest in the healthcare field. Growing up in Guyana, a small deprived country had been my motivation in assisting the less fortunate people in all ways that I could assist. Sadly, for one to access the very best healthcare services in Guyana, one has to be wealthy. The resilience of my mother’s spirit has inspired me being active and faithful towards my call of duty in offering quality healthcare services to all people regardless of their financial status.
I recall the late nights times that I stayed to hand over a fan to my mother with a piece of cardboard and help her breath whenever she got an asthma attack. My elder brothers had no choice but to drop out of school so they could work and help through my mother’s medication and other family…

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