A Journey to the Heart of the Faith by Robert Barron

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A Journey to the Heart of the Faith by Robert Barron

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A Journey to the Heart of the Faith
A Journey to the Heart of the Faith is a very informative and educative piece of writing on spiritual including religious matters. It focuses on the growth of Christianity, ancient Christian practices, the journey to Gods’ heart, how to become a follower of Christ and best practices that draw people near God or becoming his discipleship. The book that was written by a renowned author called Fr. Robert Barron is of great importance to Christians. This is evident since it describes whom God is, his mission, character, the significance of mass, partaking of Eucharist and prayer among Catholics and other Christians (Barron, 2011). The book remains one of the widely read articles among Christians and other readers globally. Those who have read the book state that it is instrumental in building faith in Christ through the teachings and examples given. They also affirm that it gives credible insights about the fantastic journey of prominent people in the Bible and places that help in making Catholic solid and beautiful.
Introductory part analysis
The introductory part of the book creates awareness of the major theme of the book, its imperativeness, religious impact among Christians and the key forces that brings or drives people to Christ. The main teaching is about Christ and the church with the aim of building a solid ground for Christianity. With respect to the impact of religion among Christians, the book …

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