A Happy Career

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A Happy Career

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A Happy Career Graduating from Nursing school is a dream that lights up my mind, and it just doesn’t end when I graduate. I anticipate a very ambitious life after graduation. I look at myself as an accomplished Doctor of Nursing Profession complete with a doctorate and various nursing publications up my sleeve. The idea of being there for my patients makes my inside ooze with excitement. I don’t expect it to be easy, but either way, the rewards outweigh the demotivators in my case. As insinuated by Erickson et al. (2005, p.47), a career should inspire happiness, and this is the guiding principle. My hobbies entail making the sick, the suffering, and the old comfortable. Choosing the nursing profession was a decision I made cognizant of the fact that deviating to other occupations after setting foot in the nursing profession might be a tough thing to achieve altogether. This resolution to soldier on is a powerful indicator that I am in nursing for the long haul.

I pride myself as a respectful individual who holds discipline, honesty, and dedication in high regard and these qualities best describe my strengths as a person. I also have an eye that pays attention to detail as well as the virtue of embracing teamwork. Personally, I struggle with boredom especially when the topic or activity at hand is not striking to me as interesting. I also struggle with the organization of issues, situations, and things. People say am a perfectionist and I find it hard to progress when thi…

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