A Growing Small Business

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A Growing Small Business

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A Growing Small Business
A Growing Small Business
My business of choice is a coffee and pastry restaurant. The company name is Panther coffee located in Miami, USA. The company mainly deals with selling coffee and a small snack of pastry to its customers. The business mission is to provide quality coffee and delicious pastry to its customers; the vision is to become a world-class restaurant. Culturally it only employs people who are young so that it can train them; this is based on their potential. The company is owned by a couple of Joel and Leticia was founded back in 2010. They got a loan from their parents to start the business.
Business strategy for restaurant
The restaurant uses differentiation business strategy. This is because it is based on the quality of their products without much looking at the implication of the cost it will use. We believe that if we focus on the quality of our coffee, our customers will always return and also refer their friends to our place. This will enable us to compete will other coffee giant companies like Arfact, which is the dominating company I selling coffee and has been in the business for twenty-three years.
Future target of restaurant
The company currently has three branches; Wynwood store, Miami Beach and Coconut Grove. Being an expanding business, we visualize the restaurant will have expanded from the current three branches to around ten. It is currently establishing a business in Mid-Cen…

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