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A concept essay

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The Concept of Truth
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The truth may be defined in so many ways, but the bottom line is that the truth is a fact or facts that have been verified, or that can be verified. A common adage that is often thrown around says that, “Tell the truth, and that the truth shall set you free.” However, this statement is easier said than done. Saying the truth is theoretically possible and moral in our society. But, sometimes, it has been proved that saying the truth is not always the best thing. In fact, saying the truth can sometimes put you in trouble. That is why the term ‘white lie’ was coined a white lie, is defined as a polite lie that is used tactfully in a given situation to help someone avoid a difficult scenario or an embarrassing eventuality. It is socially accepted to tell white lies, then why do people still use the adage mentioned? In our societies, unfortunately, imperfections are galore. Perhaps the imperfections make us human. In fact, another commonly accepted saying goes by, “human is to err” Mistakes are accepted in the human world and, sadly, lies are part of these mistakes. Humans have accepted the notion that they aren’t perfect and that it is normal to make mistakes, lies included.
There are some practical scenarios in which telling the truth can set one in trouble and probably to everlasting misery. For instance, in marriage or in love relationships, a couple may be deeply in love with each othe…

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