A community based drug abuse rehabilitation center

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A community based drug abuse rehabilitation center

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A community-based drug abuses rehabilitation center
Statement of Need
An Indonesian anti-narcotic agency reported that the challenge of drug trafficking and drug abuse is affecting the youth and subsequently putting the nation’s future at a loss end. The national narcotic agency 2011 reported that about 2 percent of Indonesian population about 4 million persons, used drugs and 22 percent of this population were university students or other schooling students. It also reported that in that year for every 100 students 4 were drugged abusers as shown in (‘Drug Abuse Jeopardizes…..”, 2011 and Pisani, 2006).). Youths resorted to drug use and abuse for reasons like peer influence, family role models, and some for fun or due to school related frustrations (Pisani, 2006). The report specified that the bhang, heroine and ecstasy were the frequently abused drugs, due to their easy accessibility, for instance, on the streets, on campus, and at the mall. This was a threat to Indonesia continuity as a nation since youth are the backbone of the country, and they have already been intoxicated leaving it for the old and children who are not capable of any developmental activities as shown in (Narendra, Basuki, Soeharjono & Ghozali, 1989). The report exposed the introduction of addictive substances in the cigarettes and young innocent and experimenting children as young as those in elementary schools have been targeted, which makes the problem worse. …

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