2 major challenges for HRM (See attachments)

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2 major challenges for HRM (See attachments)

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Two major challenges for HRM
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Companies, through their Human Resource Offices, have a mandate of navigating through the changing global economy to recruit, select and train workers they need in their journey. Most of these companies face different challenges in their HR offices due to the changing nature of their work, and the desire to have better workers in the future. As a result HRM managers are always required to be ahead of their game, by putting into understanding various shifts in their operations like their future demographic, societal shifts and technological shifts, for purposes of preparing adequately. There are many challenges that are usually faced by Human Resource departments, and only two have been discussed in this paper.
HRM Challenge of Adapting to a rapidly changing worker profile
The demographic changes that have been witnessed both in the developed and developing nations have put enormous pressure on the private sector and the government to start and implement innovative solutions to integrate, retain and educate the population in the labor force.
More women are predicted to pour into the labor force in the coming years. Part-time workers and temporary workers are now a permanent issue that most organizations are dealing with currently. Organizations have therefore started to deal with a new type of employees who have diverse needs. Further, issues of cultural diversity and multi-generati…

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