Documentation and Employee Terminations

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Documentation and Employee Terminations

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Documentation and Employee Terminations

Documentation and Employee Terminations
Managers have the duty of collecting different kinds of information from the employees. However, in some cases, they might gather more information than they should. Generally, only information regarding performance is collected; this includes data on aspects such as extra hours worked, accidents, injuries, and absenteeism. Personal information such as political views and religious beliefs should never be documented. Managers have the responsibility of regularly researching and educating themselves on what is required of them to ensure the smooth running of activities within a company. One of the strategies to help managers adhere to requirements of data collection is by counterchecking it, in case any relevant information is missing, or any irrelevant information is included, the manager should be informed to make the necessary changes. Combined efforts between the HR department and management team reduces the chances of making intentional and unintentional mistakes.
One of the types of terminations is involuntary layoffs; this occurs when a company decides to end an employment relationship with a worker. Just reasons should back dismissal of workers. In situations where the employees feel they were terminated without any solid reason, they are free to file for unreasonable termination. The records kept by companies on employees play an essential role in resolving compl…

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