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Discussion #1
Total rewards entail the tools that are at employer’s disposal and can be used in the attraction, motivation as well as the retention of employees. These tools are aimed at developing a positive relationship between these two parties. They may include professional interaction, addressing of employee’s problems, the appropriate reaction on the employees’ feedback among others (Perry, 2018). Besides, the traditional approach to compensation can be defined as the process in which the employer offers the employees with different types of benefits or instead address all their needs as a means of showing consideration and care for their welfare (Mercer, 2007). The compensation is aimed at establishing a positive working relationship (Horwitz, Heng & Quazi, 2003).
Discussion #2
Even though there are different types of demographic change, the typical example of this is the decline in birth rates or the increase in the migration rate. Overpopulation, pollution as well as resource depletion are the key examples of globalization. In the current technological era, the internet has been termed as the main and the basis of all other technologies (Noe et al., 2006). Competitive forces are the various aspects which define the competitiveness of a business. These aspects include cost leadership, supplier’s bargaining power, differentiation, and consumer’s bargaining power. Indeed…

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