2 Jobs and an Internship

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2 Jobs and an Internship

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Two Jobs and an Internship
Question Two
Internship Job Description
According to a public relations internship job, there are several interesting reports that I found appealing. One is supposed to brainstorm creative ideas and fulfill the client needs and opportunities. Having a good relationship with people before, I feel that this job description fits well what I am capable of doing. I can write and distribute news/press releases and other PR materials. This job description requires one to participate in client meetings that I have experience before and developing new creative ideas to team development meetings.
As I have been an active social media player, the description of creating social media content marketing campaigns entirely favored me as I had the required skills to manage my clients. I can also access media monitoring platforms and create media summaries of customer coverage as required in the job description. Finally, I have the skills to assist account managers with development of PR calendars, research and media contact lists.
Public Relations Job Position One
According to the job description on an Admissions Assistant at Purcell Marian High School, one is required to have several skills: Outstanding communications skills, strong organization skills, and proficiency in Microsoft Office, work with Admissions Data Software and admissions website and other communication platforms. Having possesse…

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