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2.5A Assignment

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2.5 Assignment

Top Ten Healthcare Websites
The healthcare website should not only be welcoming but also well developed and equipped with relevant information (DBS Interactive, 2018). There are a number of healthcare facilities that have been equipped with user-friendly sites loaded with relevant information in various health sectors. They include:
American Heart AssociationThe heart diseases facility has come up with a well designed, user-friendly site that can be used by different individuals. Loaded with heart-related articles from sources, the site provides trusted sources, the site provides sufficient information to different people.
The website features: it provides disease statistics, heart attack warning tips, links to other sources for more information, medical encyclopedia, nutrition tips. Furthermore, the site provides information in the Spanish language.
MedlinePlus: Heart DiseasesApart from being designed in a user-friendly manner, the MedlinePlus website provides a lot of detailed relevant information written in a way that it can be easily understood. Its site clearly explains the signs and symptoms of different diseases in a manner that different patients, medics in various healthcare facilities and consumers can understand (Devine, 2016).
Features of the website: provides treatment, overviews, prevention, diagnoses/symptoms, alternative therapy, genetics, clinical trials, and research information. Its …

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