1983-1991 timeline

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1983-1991 timeline

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Medicare Timeline Review
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Medicare Timeline Review
The idea of a national health plan system started way back in the days of Teddy Roosevelt. However, the implementation of a successful healthcare program was only successful in 1965 during the reign of John F. Kennedy. The principal aim of the implementation of the Act was to ensure that the health needs of individuals above the age of 65 were covered (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, 2015). Today, Medicare represents the country’s functional system of providing health coverage to American seniors. The timeline shows how Medicare has evolved over the years to meet the needs of America’s vulnerable populace.
1965- President John Kennedy issues a directive to Congress on the need to advance the country’s health program. The House of Representatives passed the Bill highlighting the benefits and Social Security improvements.
1966- The list of private insurance companies that would be responsible for discharging the benefit functions of the bill is created, and coverage begins immediately.
1969- A taskforce on prescription drugs is charged with the responsibility of creating reports and highlighting the feasibility of the program (Wrotten & Associates, 2014).
1970- Introduction of deduction programs for Medicare.
1972- Amendments on Medicare eligibility under the reign of President Nixon for the Social Security Act was conducted. The amendments created professional review stan…

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