1812 The War That Forged A Nation

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1812 The War That Forged A Nation

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1812: The War that Forged a Nation Review
Walter Borneman in his text 1812: The War that Forged a Nation contends that the 1812 war had profound impacts on the history of the U.S. According to the historian, the war is often said to be a sideshow to the events in Europe. This paper presents a review of Walter Borneman’s book The War of a Forged Nation.
Borneman starts his account by presenting his side of the origin of the conflict. The English loved impressing seamen using American vessels. The Westerners, like William Harrison and Andrew Jackson, had a great desire to expand their territory by grabbing land from neighbors including an attempt to acquire large chunks of land from Canada. The battle included many naval wars in the Great Lakes. During the invasion, the American’s burned the later renamed city of York currently known as Toronto. The English responded to the destruction of some U.S regions by blasting Fort McHenry and scorching Washington. Baltimore succeeds in displaying how the war was just a sideshow to the English men’s struggles in Europe. Borneman, furthermore, suggest “perhaps a bit too glibly, that the war effectively cemented the American union in the eyes of its citizens” (Kirkus Reviews n.p).
The author of the book uses historical past tense narrations to develop his text just like any other historical account. For example, “Cockburn watched as the presses and types of the newsp…

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